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10. November 2020

ACEEU wins 11 international projects

As the results for Erasmus+ international projects started to roll in, ACEEU has precisely 11 reasons to be pleased with how the situation turned out. In this round of calls ACEEU won funding for 11 projects, including Strategic Partnerships, Knowledge Alliance, Capacity Building and European University Initiative projects. All projects include important elements of engagement and entrepreneurship in higher education, while cross-cutting themes include sustainability, circular economy, mentorship, artificial intelligence, etc. Each project features at least 5 international partners, from Europe and outside it, with predominant organisations being universities. All projects are highly innovative and novel in their ideas, which makes this particularly relevant for ACEEU future initiatives and development.

More importantly, ACEEU is particularly proud to have won two projects written independently by ACEEU team members. The projects are DECODE Sustainability and Qual-AI-ty Engagement. Both projects are pioneers in its field. DECODE Sustainability aims to create a European Deans’ Council to be leveraged to make sustainability a long-lasting fabric of universities, while Qual-AI-ty Engagement ambitiously aims to redefine quality assurance practices through student engagement with society and artificial intelligence.

With the versatile projects under its belt, ACEEU aims to generate wide-ranging impact in making universities more engaged and entrepreneurial. Additionally, ACEEU is looking forward to learning from various experts and partners and forging partnerships for future initiatives. Stay up to date with all developments happening in our projects HERE.