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31. December 2020

Looking back at 2020

As yet another year flickers towards its end, ACEEU has many reasons to be satisfied with how it turned out. Without doubt, 2020 has been challenging in an unprecedented manner. It required a changing of well-trodden ways of doing things and demanded a shift in mindset, flexibility, resilience and opportunity-grasping. The process was not easy, but through resourcefulness, commitment and innovativeness of its team members, ACEEU is happy to reap the fruits of labour. Some of the memorable accomplishments that rounded 2020 include the following:

10+ international projects won
10+ new accreditations acquired
10 independently written project proposals
6 new team members
Inaugural Asia-Pacific Triple E Awards Ceremony hosted

Through the new normal that has been imposed throughout the majority of 2020, ACEEU is proud to have learned some important lessons, as well as got a tacit confirmation that through genuine engagement and entrepreneurship can universities grow to become more resilient, impactful and crisis-ready. The challenges and unprecedented situation has certainly pushed our boundaries and drove us to recognizing the hidden gems of opportunities and innovative solutions. And the results… well 2021 will show, so stay tuned!