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26. March 2021

Exciting times are ahead: ACEEU is hiring!

Only three months into the year 2021, ACEEU has been busier than ever. Although the world is still at the moment of maximum uncertainty, it does not give ACEEU excuses to hinder its growth as an innovative accreditation council. Moreover, the current situation along with its challenges motivate ACEEU to move forward and bring more fuel to drive change in higher education. The work on accreditations is picking up speed and the volume of European partnership projects is increasing significantly, therefore, ACEEU is delighted to announce that not only ACEEU is flourishing as a council but it is also growing in size!

Currently, ACEEU Team consists of 10 people who are not only dynamic and rich in diversity but also share the same enduring passion for enhancing higher education. The accreditation council is now looking for four additional members to join its mission in breaching the boundaries of higher education and creating more and more success stories.

Four positions open are:

- Accreditation Coordinator
- Project Coordinator
- Junior Project & Accreditation Officer
- Trainee

For more details of the vacancies, please go to: Join Us

ACEEU is excited to welcome more talents who will not only bring fresh perspectives into the team but also infectious good energy to its day-to-day business.