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09. April 2021

ACEEU SEED: ACEEU’s Commitment to the Future Generations

As an accreditation body that is passionate about bringing about the most innovative solution and inspiration for change and growth, ACEEU believes that sustainability should not be seen merely as an urgent call discussed at the forefront of the political agenda. Sustainability should also be regarded as a fundamental norm incorporated in every aspect of lives not only by the world’s leaders and all institutions but down to every individual.

Joining the United Nation in creating a more resilient and more sustainable future through the design of global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's (UNFCCC) race to Net Zero, ACEEU proudly announces its sustainability initiatives compacted in ACEEU SEED (Social, Ecological, and Economical Development at ACEEU).

Aligned with its name, ACEEU SEED roots its commitment to sustainability in three areas of focus, namely: social, ecological/environmental, and economic spheres. Through the multifaceted initiative design, ACEEU aims not only to achieve holistic sustainability within ACEEU but also to inspire HEIs and other accreditation bodies to work collaboratively to design a better world for now and future generations.

ACEEU SEED's initial focus is outlined in the following two activities:

1. Resonating SDGs in ACEEU’s Business and Activities:

ACEEU’s dedication to increasing sustainability impacts is not only expressed but also reflected in the council's day-to-day business. ACEEU plays its part in the global sustainability efforts by aligning the core of its accreditation business, values, practices, and EU-Funded Projects with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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2. Achieving ACEEU’s Net Zero

One of the many ways of fighting global warming is by not adding new emissions to the atmosphere. Some emissions are hard to avoid and though they continue, they will be balanced by absorbing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere. The aftermath obtained when the balance is met, is what Net Zero means. ACEEU's efforts in creating Net Zero are best expressed using these three keywords: alternate, moderate, and compensate.

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Achieving holistic sustainability within ACEEU is the ultimate goal. However, ACEEU believes that the journey taken to reach the final result is momentous. ACEEU SEED will transparently document its process journey through news updates published on regular basis to communicate progress with the public, provide learning opportunities for those who are devoted to a similar cause, as well as for a self-reflective journal used for improvements to create greater positive impacts.

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