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08. June 2021

University of Malaga receives ACEEU's Entrepreneurial University Accreditation

After a detailed and thorough assessment, the Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU) has awarded the University of Malaga, Spain, its Entrepreneurial University Accreditation. This is the first Spanish university recognized by ACEEU for its outstanding efforts as an entrepreneurial university.

"On behalf of the entire Council I congratulate the University of Malaga for its recognition as an Entrepreneurial University. Malaga is the first ACEEU accredited institution in Spain, and the second entrepreneurship accredited institution in Europe. Having served on the Accreditation Committee myself, in Malaga I got to know a truly entrepreneurial university, formed by people who are passionate about driving impact through entrepreneurship.” - says Professor Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of the ACEEU Council.

The University of Malaga was officially founded in 1972, but its history of involvement with the community dates even before its inauguration, with the local community advocating for the creation of a university in the region and developing a local association called "University of Málaga's Friends Association" as early as 1968. The university has grown since its foundation with only two faculties and now include two campuses and more than 35.000 students.

“This achievement rewards the efforts made over the last few years in the interests of entrepreneurship. It also recognizes who we are and where we are heading. Besides, it challenges us to reinforce partnership and cooperation with institutions and companies, so that together we can achieve a better future and a better society” says the Chancellor of the University of Malaga, José Ángel Narváez

Besides providing important recognition of the university’s efforts, the accreditation process can also be a valuable learning experience for universities. As described by Rafael Ventura, Vice-Chancellor for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the UMA, “this accreditation has been a learning lesson for the entire organization, as we have been provided with a reference framework to understand the meaning of being an entrepreneurial university, identify the areas of improvement within the institution, and validate our strategy. We have a splendid opportunity to show students, society and companies of our environment which kind of university we want to be”.

To receive this accreditation, the University of Malaga succeeded in presenting evidence of their achievements in the 15 standards of ACEEU accreditation, which were developed by world-leading experts in the field of entrepreneurship. The university went through a four-phase process, including a self-evaluation and peer visit, before the Accreditation Council awarded the University of Malaga the Entrepreneurial status. The university was reviewed by Todd Davey, Maria Saiz Santos and Carlos Blanco during the Peer Review Visit, and the accreditation was conducted by Thorsten Kliewe, Lina Landinez and Wendy Kerr, who took part as the Accreditation Committee.
“At ACEEU we aim to promote cultural change, to accelerate institutional development and to amplify the recognition of excellence. However, beyond recognizing universities’ contributions, we want to build a unique community of universities that drive entrepreneurship in higher education. The University of Malaga is now a part of this community, and I look forward to see how it will contribute its development and ultimately promote greater social, economic and cultural impacts.” says Professor Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of the ACEEU Council.

Please see, below, a video prepared by the University of Malaga about their ACEEU accreditation.