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09. July 2021

ACEEU opens its new Engagement and Entrepreneurship Accreditation for Academic Units!

ACEEU Council has approved the creation of a new level of accreditation, focusing on academic units (including faculties, schools, and departments). Our accreditations aim to promote cultural change, accelerate organisational development and amplify the recognition of universities and academic units’ efforts in entrepreneurship and [community] engagement. The new divisional accreditation allows for faculties, schools, and departments to showcase to students, university stakeholders, industry stakeholders and society their unwavering dedication to engagement and/or entrepreneurship. An engaged academic unit is dedicated to continuous improvement and the generation of greater social and cultural impacts for the city and region, while an entrepreneurial academic unit is dedicated to continuous improvement and generation of greater economic impacts in the region.”

The objectives, process, and standards of ACEEU’s divisional accreditation are aligned with institutional ACEEU accreditation, providing a coherent system for higher education institutions. However, the process has been adapted to fit the needs of academic units. ACEEU's divisional accreditation brings the same 5 dimensions and 15 standards that have been used in our institutional accreditation. Slight differences exist in the definition of the individual standards reflecting the distinct characteristics of entrepreneurship and engagement .

Our upcoming application deadline for ACEEU accreditations (both institutional and divisional) is the 31st of August,2021. To celebrate our new level of accreditation, applications for our new academic unit Accreditations received before this deadline will benefit from a special discount for pioneer participants. Details on how to apply are available here.

We are very happy to expand our accreditation to new levels and continue to promote entrepreneurship and engagement in higher education!

For more in-depth explanations on ACEEU accreditation, please get in touch: accreditation@aceeu.org