29. July 2021

ACEEU launches its first global call for applicants | Deadline: October 15, 2021

Since its foundation, ACEEU has worked with more than 25 universities from 13 countries with a focus placed on validating and piloting its accreditation approach. During this phase, we also verified the suitability of our accreditation in extraordinary situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. Following this extensive validation and piloting phase, and having built trust with many universities and involved experts, ACEEU is now starting its first global promotion campaign and opening its accreditation to all universities around the world.

Our first application deadline for both institutional and divisional accreditation is October 15th, 2021. Universities and single faculties, schools and departments are invited to apply for an external evaluation of their entrepreneurship and/or (community) engagement practices. Please note that applications for our new divisional accreditation received before this deadline will benefit from a special discount for pioneer applicants, if the academic unit is willing to support our continuous improvement by giving us feedback at three stages of the accreditation procedure.