06. October 2021

NEW - Transforming Higher Education: A Webinar Series on Leading Practices in Entrepreneurship and Social Engagement

ACEEU has prepared this webinar series to dive into the current practices on entrepreneurial and socially engaged higher education. The webinars aim to present cases of strategic transformation, highlight good practices, and analyse the trends of the entrepreneurial and engaged universities. In each session, higher education practitioners, leaders, and change makers will present their work and achievements on the topic to inform and inspire new practices in higher education.

This webinar series is oriented for university leaders, managers, professionals, and academic staff around the world for them to find key insights and to engage in a community of change makers and impact generators. We will discuss topics such as how to build a digital entrepreneurship strategy, how to implement sustainability at an institutional level, how civic and community engagement as a university strategy, among others.

The first webinar will be offered on November 11th at 16:00 (CET): Strategic Consulting and Linkage Project Collaboration for University-Industry: Latin American example. You can explore and select the webinar you want to attend here .

The link to attend the webinars will be sent to the subscribed people. The recording of the webinars will only be available for previously subscribed people and for ECEEU Members.

Join our community of change makers and impact generators to share our commitment and passion for entrepreneurship and engagement in higher education.