18. November 2021

Two new talents have joined the ACEEU team!

A warm welcome is sent out to the two of ACEEU newest team members.

ACEEU is very pleased to introduce Evgenia Sukhovii and Nicole Bedoya as additions to the ever-growing team.

Evgenia joins the team as an International Project Assistant. With this role, Evgenia does not only support the company in developing its business and marketing strategies but also contribute to ACEEU's European partnership projects. Having an international mindset and being passionate about travelling, learning and creative thinking, Evgenia will ensure that ACEEU’s ongoing innovativeness and professional prosperity continues.

As a Team Assistant, Nicole works closely with all team members to make sure that the daily business of the ACEEU is run smoothly and effectively. Her passion for learning new languages and interest in intercultural communication make her a good fit for the multicultural team. Nicole looks forward to bringing determination and dependability to the team.

ACEEU is excited to see Nicole and Evgenia apply their experience and education to help ACEEU grow not only as a company but also as a team.