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09. June 2017

Accreditation Council Awards First Accreditations for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities

Dublin, Ireland June 9, 2017 – The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU) awarded its first accreditations to The University of Adelaide, Australia, today following an eight-month process of evaluation. The University earned a dual accreditation as both an Engaged University and an Entrepreneurial University. The Award was presented during the 2017 University-Industry Interaction Conference in Dublin, Ireland, attended by 450+ academics and practitioners from more than 50 countries.

“The University of Adelaide is a great example of how an institution can create greater social, cultural and economic impacts through the promotion of entrepreneurship and engagement throughout an entire university.” says Cameron McCoy, Associate Vice-President for Engagement at Lehigh University in the United States who chaired the Accreditation Committee of The University of Adelaide.

Reflecting on the accreditation process, Professor Noel Lindsay, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Entrepreneurship) and Director of the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC) at The University of Adelaide stated:

“It was a challenging process meeting the 15 quality assurance standards to be accredited as an entrepreneurial university and the 15 standards to be accredited as an engaged university. The process was robust but it has been well worth it. While the accreditation is good to have, the journey to getting the accreditation was invaluable.”

“On behalf of ACEEU, I congratulate The University of Adelaide on the successful completion of the accreditation process¬. This is not only a major achievement for The University of Adelaide, but also for the council, and reflects the need for continuous improvement and excellence in higher education for the benefit of society and the economy.”, McCoy added.

ACEEU's accreditation approach is currently being validated through the implementation of 14 pilot accreditations. Institutions interested in entering the ACEEU accreditation process in 2017 should review the central accreditation and eligibility application documents that can be found on the ACEEU website. As a truly global accreditation, ACEEU develops a strong network of institutions that believe in generating greater impact through entrepreneurship and engagement.

“Universities are today recognising the importance of entrepreneurship and engagement, and we are very pleased to work with these universities around the world that aim to further advance their practice and get recognized nationally and internationally for their excellence.“ says Professor Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of the Council.

A full list of pilot institutions can be found at https://www.aceeu.org/index/pilots