20. December 2021

Taking on More New Projects

Before 2021 comes to a close, ACEEU is pleased to announce approval for another four new projects! These innovative projects are funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships programmes. Winning these projects, and particularly BE-21-SKILLED for which the project proposal was written by ACEEU’s Executive Manager, demonstrates the company’s strong work ethic and capacity for growth. The project outcomes emphasize ACEEU’s commitment to making training and knowledge more accessible.

The new projects are:

Digital Citizen Science: Network, transfOrm, groW (CS: NOW)

Building an Ecosystem for 21st Century Skills Education in STEM (BE-21-SKILLED)

Leveraging Individual SDG Contributions by University Staff (SDG iLEVEL)

Sustainable Financial Literacy for Disabled Youth (DisFinLit)

The team is excited to be working alongside several new partners, including many HEIs, to promote sustainable development and digital innovation, as well as up-skilling and empowering citizens across Europe. ACEEU is grateful and proud to be ending 2021 on such a high note and looking forward to a very busy and productive 2022.

Photo credit: Canva