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Hi, I am Hugo

Pleasure meeting you!

Hugo Buitrago

Higher Education Specialist
Responsibilities at ACEEU:
I am responsible for the management, research, and technical support for Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe Projects in topics such as female entrepreneurship, quality assurance, socially engaged research, sustainable development, innovation, and institutional development. Further, I take part in and support other team members in grant writing. Furthermore, I assist in strategic activities for the accreditation of entrepreneurial and engaged universities.
MSc Research and Innovation in Higher Education, Tampere University (Finland) and Danube University Krems (Austria).

Bachelor in Humanities, National Pedagogical University (Colombia).
At ACEEU since:
"I define my work as enhancing the boundaries of education to offer the world the opportunity of tapping new horizons. For that purpose, my tasks focus on empathizing, ideating, anticipating, defining, networking, and implementing actions in higher education.

By living and studying in countries like Colombia, Austria, Finland, Portugal, and Germany, I have gained strong intercultural skills and deep comparative perspectives of cultures, economies and societies.

I steadily believe that enhancing the scope of higher education to societies and their ecosystems is the way to guarantee well-rounded development and sustainability measures to face future challenges."
About me

Three things to know about me

I know a lot about plants

Since I grow up on a farm and worked in coffee plantations, I learnt about the names, the cultivation, and the uses of plants. Naturally, I can cultivate and roast my own coffee.

I love independent cinema and Latin American literature

I find in both genders a lot of unconventionally, unpredictability and outside-of-the-box thinking that stimulates creativity.

I used to act in an amateur theatre group

Back in college, some friends and I created a theatre group called Un Pagane de Plus. I participated in several plays and the most successful character I played was Mr Loomis (Thou Lord Seest Me, by Q. Patrick).
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