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Hi, I am Thorsten

Pleasure meeting you!

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kliewe

Responsibilities at ACEEU:
At ACEEU, I provide leadership to the Council and the ACEEU Office alike. Holding positions in academia and practice, I am aiming at bringing the latest knowledge to ACEEU to ensure that ACEEU's impact vision is achieved through innovation and collaboration.
PhD, Coventry University Business School (UK) / FH Münster (Germany)
M.A. International Management, FH Münster (Germany)
German Diploma in Business, FH Münster (Germany)
Vocational training in IT, Berufskolleg Beckum (Germany)
At ACEEU since:
"In my early career I was trained to build IT systems that could potentially positively impact millions of people. Over time, however, I learned that I was not interested in the technical solution (still I am a bit of a nerd), but in the impact that I can make by designing scalable systems of any kind.

For more than 10 years I am now dedicating my life to build systems that support universities to create greater impacts. This includes my work as a professor and leader of a research centre, the foundation and management of the largest European network on university engagement, and the first quality assurance agency for entrepreneurial and engaged university accreditation.

Let‘s shape the future together – through awesome projects and scalable systems that make people‘s life better.“"
About me

Three things to know about me

My background in IT is not always an advantage

I have a background in IT. This is a great advantage to build an efficient organisation, but it also means that you are asked by many about their computer problems. :-)

I played bike ball, one of the most rare sports in Germany

As a kid and teenager I played bike ball ("Radball" in German), a sport played only by a very small number of people. Maybe more play it today but that time, it meant driving 2 to 3 hours for a tournament. The advantage of a sport with very limited competitors is that it is easier to get into the German championship finals. Even I was able to get in there, despite my limited skills.

My 2.5 year old son speaks 3 languages, one more than me

We raise our kids trilingual (English, German, Spanish), which is challenging as my Spanish is close to non-existing.
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