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Hi, I am Lina

Pleasure meeting you!

Dr. Lina Landinez

Responsibilities at ACEEU:
• Support and encourage the team • Understand, make tangible and bring to life the next steps of the company
PhD, University of Adelaide (Australia)
M.A. Economics of Innvation, BSE School (Spain)
Bachelor Agricultural Sciences, National university (Colombia)

At ACEEU since:
"Putting together the puzzle of my professional life has been fun and challenging. I dived deep into research in plant science during my bachelor years, which unleash my passion for innovation. I did see the need of making research relevant and closer to daily life and society. So, I kept getting the pieces of the puzzle with my studies on commercialisation of biotechnology, the economics of innovation, and social capital in innovation management. Moreover, experience in lab research, foresight studies, teaching and managing innovation at a company level come to contribute to the puzzle. Putting it all together has not been easy as it is difficult to get confused by the diversity of knowledge and expertise. Finally, at ACEEU the puzzle has a clear picture: fostering excellence in innovation, entrepreneurship and engagement in universities around the world."
About me

Three things to know about me

Learning German is one of my biggest challenges

Learning German is a never-ending story. However, I have taken it as an opportunity to develop other skills such as make daily decision with the minimum information, connect with other in different ways, understand my context beyond words, be mindful about what I need to communicate. So, even though it is a challenge, it has been a growth opportunity to me.

Donating my hair, one of my favourite hobbies

I have donated my hair three times to a cancer association in Colombia, my home country. It started as a tribute to my aunt who died from breast cancer, and then I saw the need and benefits of doing it. It takes time as it has two grow as a pony tail of 25 cm!

I have worked in the three elements of the Triple Helix Model

I started working with government, then with universities in the managerial side in Colombia. Later on, in Australia I worked in a research organisation and in Germany I have worked at a university as a lecturer, and later on in two companies. This mixed of experiences gives me a holistic view of innovation and entrepreneurship.
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My international projects

What keeps me busy at ACEEU

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