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Hi, I am Adisa

Pleasure meeting you!

Adisa Ejubovic

Executive Director
Responsibilities at ACEEU:
I am responsible for strategic direction of the company, with more emphasis on partner management, acquisition of new projects and new initiatives. I am also overseeing existing EU-funded projects, with deeper involvement in Horizon Europe projects. If you have a stellar idea or simply want to work with us, get in touch!
Serbian and Bosnian
MSc. Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MARIHE)
BA. English Language and Literature

At ACEEU since:
"I am someone who is a zealous advocate of education and all the empowerment and innovative potential that comes with it. Education has been an integral part of my academic and professional trajectory and my DNA. The turning point for me was gaining a scholarship for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MARIHE). The program was instrumental in providing me with a deep understanding of higher education phenomena and what it takes to foster change at HEIs.

One of the highlights in my professional career was working at one of the largest organisations in the higher education sector – European University Association (EUA). Having created a new conceptual model, I was able to make a valuable contribution in shedding light onto higher education systems in over 30 countries in Europe and worldwide."
About me

Three things to know about me

Foreign languages and telenovelas, huh?

I love languages. I learned Spanish watching (many) telenovelas as a child. Many years after that period I can still understand majority of Spanish, with some hesitant speaking. I always love it when in particular dealing with Spanish-speaking partners I get to revive my Spanish. Me encanta!

Neurons that wire together, fire together

Though not in the field, I find psychology and neuroscience (particularly the concept of neuroplasticity) fascinating. I am very interested in how the mechanics of our biology impact how we frame the reality and interact with the world. Surprisingly, a lot of it is within our control. This stuff should be learned in schools by everyone ;-)

Mens sana in corpore sano

Ever since a teenager I loved sports, fitness and generally healthy lifestyle. I love being active indoors and outdoors and if I could have a third job, it would be a fitness instructor ;-)
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