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Hi, I am Yu

Pleasure meeting you!

Yu Qin

Junior International Project Officer
Responsibilities at ACEEU:
I am responsible for making contributions to international, multi-partner projects. It includes communication with partners, research work, analysis and creation of reports, organisation of events and attendance of meetings, presentation, and dissemination of results.
M.A. English Philology, Georg August University of Göttingen (Germany)
B. A. English Literature, Yunnan Agricultural University (China)

At ACEEU since:
"When I was small I was a big fan of an American pop singer, so I made up my mind to learn English well. Decades passed and I am no longer a groupie, but I finished my master’s degree in English Philology. People say literature should be a way of entertainment and only those who have rich families will select it as their major while it is not my case.

I believe a good education should teach people how to live well not only materially but also mentally. I am craving about cultural differences and different possibilities of lifestyle in the world, I believe globalization is gradually making “world citizen” possible. My curiosity about different cultures and passion to discover the world brought me to Germany after being an English teacher and a story writer in China. Now I am enthusiastic to create bigger value in ACEEU to develop and contribute to the third missions of universities. Working on projects is challenging but exciting at the same time. Learning and getting things done professionally sound not easy, but hey, I am working in ACEEU which aims at “promoting entrepreneurship”! It is super cool, isn’t it?"
About me

Three things to know about me

I am crazy about hot and spicy food

I was not a spicy eater before 7 years old. But I didn’t eat much food as my mum expected. So, feeding me spicy chili to rouse my appetite became her strategy.

I often drink warm water

I was often asked by people in Germany why I drink warm water. It’s actually a habit that most people have in China. People believe warm water is healthier and mild for the body.

Sincerity, passion, and confidence are the top three characteristics I value.

I think these three characteristics are also the key elements to success. When I doubt myself when doing something, I will ask myself if I have these three prerequisites.
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