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12. February 2021

ACEEU Wins 8 Projects from the Extraordinary Erasmus+ Covid Calls

Without a doubt, The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the course of life worldwide. Not only has the global pandemic created huge medical, economic, and social disruptions, it has also significantly changed the face of the educational system. Following the urgent call to promptly respond to the educational challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Commission launched two Extraordinary Erasmus+ Calls for Proposals in August 2020. These two calls address two specific focuses: Digital Readiness and partnerships for Creativity.

In this special round of call, ACEEU won funding for 8 new projects, which are:

- Rural Canvas
- Digital Balance
- MyDigiCoop
- EU Teach PaaS
- Digital Response
- Indeed
- iPeer
- Creative Community First

These 8 projects include the important elements of digital education and partnerships for creativity with the cross-cutting themes of social-cooperative, entrepreneurship, art and creative industries, etc. All of these projects are not only highly innovative and relevant to the core values of ACEEU but also imperative actions to help Europe get one step ahead of the situation and further challenges that might occur due to the current pandemic. ACEEU is truly proud to have won all of these projects, Rural Canvas in particular, as the project is written by ACEEU team members.

ACEEU is genuinely looking forward to collaboratively working with all partners to help link education, training, and youth organizations with those in the cultural and creative sectors to fulfill the aim of the Extraordinary Calls.

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