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Ransford Bekoe
Journalist, Association of African Universities (AAU)

Ransford Bekoe works with the Association of African Universities (AAU) in Ghana and is currently the television manager of the Association’s television station, AAU TV. He writes passionately about educational, health and social issues. He is also an interviewer, reader, leadership training facilitator and a motivational speaker.

Constructing Entrepreneurial Universities in Africa Presents Unique Opportunities and Challenges
Antonio Dottore
Independent educator, Australian Institute of Management

Dr Antonio Dottore’s professional career spans the public and private sectors, across various continents. As an Economist and Sovereign Analyst in the financial sector, in Sydney and London, he covered developed and emerging markets through various booms and crises: Citibank, Fidelity Investments, Henderson Investors. Antonio has taught in Australia, Europe, and Asia for several institutions: Australian Institute of Management, The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, Muenster University of Applied Sciences, Nankai University. Antonio has an MBA from INSEAD, and a PhD in Entrepreneurship, on business model adaptation. He has qualifications in financial planning and in corporate governance. His Directorships have been in disability and aged care organisations, as well as in Business Schools. Antonio is also Director and Company Secretary of the INSEAD Alumni Association for Australia and New Zealand. Amongst his pro bono activities, Antonio conducts a community radio current affairs program. Dr Antonio Dottore likes to support individuals and organisations aim for both growth and meaning.

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Leadership for the Engaged University: Nurturing Social Capital to Leverage Organisational Knowledge
Dr. Martina Gaisch
Professor, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Dr. Martina Gaisch is professor of English, intercultural competence and diversity management at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria. She completed her doctoral studies in philosophy at the University of Vienna. As an applied linguist working at a school of informatics her research focuses on the interface of educational sociology, higher education research and sociolinguistics. She has profound insights into seven different universities throughout Austria, Germany, France and the UK where she lived, studied and conducted research.

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Carrying the Third Mission Weight Requires Many Shoulders: Can Austria Learn from the German Approach?
Ibrahim M. Karkouti
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Graduate School of Education, The American University in Cairo

Ibrahim M. Karkouti is an independent thinker, a young scholar, and a life-long learner who teaches leadership at the American University in Cairo. Ten years of professional experience in Lebanon, Qatar, and the United States have taught Ibrahim that learning has no boundaries and that education matters the most when it is used to remedy the deleterious effects of segregation, racism, sectarianism, and other forms of discriminatory practices that prevent historically excluded populations from attaining their basic rights to education, healthcare, and prosperity. Karkouti’s research focuses on diversity issues in higher education, the elements that aid in the facilitation of the use of technology in the classroom and the types of social support K-12 teachers need to embrace and implement reform.

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Entrepreneurial Leadership Failure and Its Impact on Student Entrepreneurial Spirit
Wendy Kerr
Director, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The University of Auckland

Wendy Kerr is Director of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland, where she aims to grow business savvy, entrepreneurially minded students. In her tenure there she has transformed the Centre, developing programmes and initiatives which have increased participation by 370% since 2015. Now, 8% of the University of Auckland student body are involved in the Centre’s innovation and entrepreneurship programmes, including the recently launched incubator and the iconic innovation hub which was opened by the Prime Minister. In 2019, the University was named Entrepreneurial University of the Year at the Asia-Pacific Triple E (Entrepreneurship and Engagement Excellence) Awards. Over her career Wendy has been drawn to developing new ventures. An experienced General Manager she has global experience in leading technology and media start-ups with the Financial Times, Pearson and Quicken. In these roles she developed and executed the business strategy to grow successful ventures, and a record breaking tech IPO on the ASX. Wendy is a Board member for the icehouse, chair of a femtech startup, an active angel investor, and mentors high potential start-ups. She is also a speaker in demand and a best selling author, having written two books on female led start ups, one of which got to number one on Amazon.

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Leading Entrepreneurship at a University During Turbulent Times
David Kirby
Holder of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion,

Professor David A. Kirby is an Honorary Professor of Almaty Management University, Kazakhstan, and a Council Member of The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities. In 2006 he was awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise promotion for his pioneering research, teaching, training and consultancy in the field.

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Entrepreneurship Education and ADHD: Is It Time to Support Right-Brain Thinkers?
Entrepreneurial University and COVID-19: Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Transformation?
Daniela Nömeyer
Head of Department for Quality Management, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Daniela Nömeyer studied social and cultural anthropology at the University of Vienna. She is currently head of department for quality management at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and a lecturer for quality management. Her research focuses on the interactions between universities and society and the strategic development and impact measurement of the “Third Mission”.

Carrying the Third Mission Weight Requires Many Shoulders: Can Austria Learn from the German Approach?
James Ransom
Independent Higher Education Researcher,

James is an independent higher education researcher, and has recently worked with the British Council, the Royal Society and the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education. He is a PhD candidate at UCL Institute of Education, a Research Affiliate at the University of Rwanda, and an Associate at Yorkshire Universities, and previously worked for Universities UK and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. His research focus is on the relationship between universities and place.

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Why Do Most University Impact Studies Fail to Adequately Assess Universities’ Engagement with Communities?
Angelo Romasanta
Innovation Researcher, ESADE Business School

Angelo Romasanta is a postdoctoral researcher at ESADE Business School, involved in two projects coordinated by CERN. First is ATTRACT, a 20M EUR initiative aiming to commercialize technologies by the largest research infrastructures in Europe. The second one is the Science Mesh which aims to connect the various cloud services across Europe to facilitate international collaborations. Previously, he did his PhD at the Science, Business and Innovation faculty at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, studying the adoption and commercialization of technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.

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From Assessing Impact to Making an Impact
V. Santhakumar
Professor, Azim Premji University (Bangalore, India)

Professor V. Santhakumar is currently teaching Political Economy, Education and Development at Azim Premji University (Bangalore, India). Previously, he carried out post-doctoral research at the Wageningen Agricultural University (Netherlands) and Vanderbilt University (USA). He received the research medal and the outstanding research award of the Global Development Network. Santhakumar has worked on a number of consultant assignments and/or research projects funded by the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, UNEP, UNDP, CIDA and Azim Premji Foundation in India, Cambodia, Tajikistan, China, Palestine, Laos, Bangladesh, Brazil and Indonesia and on regional and global issues.

Can Indian Universities Tackle Challenges to Deliver Social Impact?
Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Segers
Acting Dean of Business, PXL University of Applied Sciences

Prof. dr. Jean-Pierre Segers is the acting dean of Business at PXL University of Applied Sciences. He is a visiting professor at Riga Technical University – Faculty of Engineering Economics & Management (Latvia) and a research fellow at Université de Liège (HEC-ULg). He is the founder of StudentStartUP at PXL.

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Universities - Entrepreneurial and Sustainable. Best of Both Worlds?
Nikolai Shmelev
Project Development Advisor, ACEEU

Nikolai Shmelev is Project Development Advisor at ACEEU (Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities). He writes on the topics of innovation, internationalisation and entrepreneurship in higher education, university-industry partnerships, community engagement of institutions and the 21st century skills. He also conducts interviews for and works with contributors to the ACEEU’s Spotlight online magazine.

Prejudice-Driven Challenges of Entrepreneurship Education Limit its Impacts